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Wow! I have not blogged in SO long! 9 months! Needless to say, I’ve had a busy summer! I will try super hard to blog twice a month from here on out!
I had planned on blogging about the Chicago Marathon which I just ran this past weekend and on my flight out to Chicago I was presented with a situation that I thought was worthy of a blog. The marathon blog is about half-done…so it’ll be posted within the next week for sure (so, YES! I will meet my 2-minimum monthly blog goal for October 2015.)

Flight to Chicago

Audiobooks all lined up, magazines to read, a few tasks on my list to write was going to be a flight to Get Stuff Done. Flying solo, knowing no one, all me, my schedule.

Boarded the plane, amazingly in the A group…sat in the first row but had to put my purse and everything up top, so I moved to the second row, because I needed my bag at my feet – I had a lot to accomplish!

The middle seat was open … Near the aisle, a guy and his tablet – a gamer or techie for sure and the window seat a young boy. Odd seating arrangement, I thought, but whatever.

As soon as I sat down between them the young boy started chatting away – obviously no relation to the dude in the aisle seat. He was so bubbly! In the first 5 minutes I knew he was from New York, Atlanta and Florida. Well he vacationed in Florida before so he should be from there technically too. I agreed 100%. He had been to visit his dad and was going home to his mom. He’s only had his dad in his life for two years and has been with his mom, you know, all his life! His name is Seth but everyone calls him Ben. I also learned that he just got his ears pierced last night, his brother did too! He went first and picked a blue earring and a purple earring – so they would match when he dyed his hair purple when he turned 9. His brother is 11 and he is 7. In 2 months he will be 8 and then he will be able to buy a new pair of earrings for his freshly pierced ears! He has wanted earrings for 7 years !

He wasn’t supposed to stay as long as he did with his dad but he told me …” Things change”. Then he told me he was wearing his brother’s shirt and he was really sad that his brother wasn’t with him…but he now lives with his dad for good because, “Things change”. He also shared that he was crying a lot last night knowing he was leaving his brother, so he went to sleep early so he would stop crying, because it’s so stressful.

He showed me his travel ticket that he wears in a lanyard around his neck and he can’t wait to get to Atlanta. He has travelled alone before and this kid is a trooper, a character for sure, very polite and easy-going.

We looked at clouds and mountains and rivers and he tried to see his family on the ground when we took off. He has a chihuahua and he chases it around sometimes. He loves baseball..,the Braves are his favorite..but the Yankees are too….he like the Gators when in Florida and he will root for any team his dad likes, wherever they may be. He knows how to play mine craft and he draws really good video characters. He felt a little carsick on the way to the airport, but feels fine now. He’d like a pillow and a blanket but Southwest doesn’t have them. He also has a lot of teddies…as in teddy bears, even brought one with him that he sleeps with and hugs really, really tight at night…he showed him to me. He was pink and named hug-a-boo he’s a bad guy, but he’s actually really nice, his head detaches so you can pull a rainbow ribbon out of his belly …. And his head makes a good pillow too! He shoots rainbows ☺️.

He also told me that UFOs are real, his brother saw one. But he thinks sometimes it’s a secret rocket. We talked about what UFO stood for – unidentified flying object….then how the clouds look like waves. And rain, how rain came out of clouds and what fog was…and hover boards – they are going to be everywhere when he gets big and he will wear a parachute if his hovers too high in the sky. His wisdom far exceeded his age, that’s for sure.

He asked for a piece of paper and a pen so he could show me how good he could draw. He was right! He drew all kinds of characters from games and cartoons and told me about each one. He asked how to spell tacos…which made me giggle since my oldest son just recently acquired the nickname of Taco. T, a, c, o, s…tacos. He was two letters off, he had written tocose…close, but he fixed it. This character he drew was standing where it was ‘raining tacos’. Cool concept I told him, I hope he has a really big umbrella! Ben laughed and laughed, then yawned. He told me he would give me a dollar for my pen if he used up all the ink. I assured him I had another and would not need any money.

He wished he had a technical gadget – looking at my iPad, which I kept off the entire time, until we fixed his bear’s head pillow and put two shirts on since there was no blanket and he laid his head down and fell fast asleep. There were 20 minutes left in the 2 hour flight and I just felt like I had to write about him. Nothing on my task list got accomplished. No books were listened to, no magazines were read. Everything I had labelled important just 2 hours earlier was pretty much irrelevant. This boy needed to talk to me, just as much as I needed to talk to him and listen to his ‘kid sense’. My to-do list was replaced by stories and giggles, and honestly I was almost in tears at times listening to him speak of his family….. and that’s ok, because….’Things Change’. Just ask this 7 year old boy sleeping next to me.


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