A lunchtime run of a ‘shmoe’

I consider myself a ‘shmoe’…just a somebody, not better than anyone else, that likes to do a lot of stuff and especially enjoy trying to inspire people to take care of themselves better. Either by eating better, moving more, trying to quit soda or sugar, and just plain believing in themselves. I had someone say to me once at a half marathon “Sue, you are the reason I started running and ran this race today. My first half marathon and I thank you for inspiring me.” Those words changed my life. I thought, WOW!! Who am I? I’m just a shmoe. I’m no expert anything really and I am far from perfect. I am a ‘Happy Shmoe’ though, for sure. I try hard to find the positive in everything.

Anyways, today I set out for a lunchtime run, the weather was beautiful, couldn’t ask for a better fall running day. As I was heading out the driveway, I dedicated my run to a friend of mine’s little nephew who was just recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Do I know him? No. I haven’t even actually met my friend face-to-face. She is a fellow beachbody coach and we’ve messaged each other and been on teams together, yet, I consider her a friend. We share a common goal of trying to get people to lead healthier lives, we’re on the same page. She posted about her nephew last weekend and I can’t get him out of my mind. He is 6 months old and absolutely beautiful. He can’t even walk yet and he’s been registered for a medical marathon if you will. Cancer sucks, we all know it. I do believe in the power of prayer and positive energy so I’ve been trying to channel all of mine toward this little guy. It puts life into perspective. It reminds me how very lucky I am to have two healthy boys,  that I truly appreciate every day. It reminds me that everyone is somehow affected by this dirt-bag of a disease and everyone really is fighting their own battle somewhere in their head. Whether it be bad grades, bad relationships, bad choices…something. My mind was really consumed with this little boy, his parents and family, cancer, health, and life, in general.

As I hit my 1 mile mark, I was on a straight-away, no traffic…except one car. A white Ford Explorer coming at me. I’m always expecting the worse and prepared to jump over the edge of the road when I run, I was on the right side of the white line running toward oncoming traffic.  This vehicle was NOT moving over, usually they move over or slow down and I wave a Thank You hand. For this vehicle, I stopped and shrugged my shoulders as the person passed me REALLY close, then proceeded to flip me off.  Really? Then I kept running and thought…Dear person in the Explorer, I’m really sorry you are so unhappy. I’m sorry I am out running on this gorgeous day and you are so oblivious to the fact that I’m not really doing anything to YOU. I’m sorry you can’t slow down or move over a few inches. Of course, at first I thought this stuff with some not-so-nice expletives added in….then I thought…no, I’m not really sorry for being out here. I’m not in your way, I’m where I’m supposed to be and instead of being ‘sorry’ I pity you. I pity the fact that you appear miserable with your day and feel the need to threaten my safety.

Just think about if you hit me. You’d go to jail. You’re life would be ruined. MY life would be ruined and who are YOU to ruin it for me? Yea, I’m a shmoe…but I’m a mom and a wife and a friend and sister and daughter..I’m a lot of stuff. I matter. But then, I thought of this little boy…..who matters. Who needs my positive energy and I’m wasting energy being negative toward this Explorer-person.  I thought, hey, maybe this person is just having a bad day…they didn’t hit me, so let it go. And I did. Maybe that person knows this little boy and is thinking about him or someone else in bad circumstances…..just focusing on sending positive energy, not paying attention to the ‘damn runner’ – it happens. In my mind, that’s what I decided. The reason I thought about it this way was directly related to this little boy – HE inspired ME to be a better person today and ‘let it go’!  So I gathered up Explorer’s negative energy and ran harder and prayed harder for this little boy who means the world to some people…..even though I’m just a shmoe that may never meet him. It was a good run, a very good run. Inspire someone today, say a prayer for this little boy, it could change your life and hopefully his.

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