New Year, now what?

So it’s mid-January already, how many of you made a New Year’s Resolution? It has always sounded like the thing to do….wait until January and then change something, change you. Most “resolutioners” start out gung-ho…zero to 60 in the first day. This lasts about oh 3 days? a week? a month? then it’s done. Failed again. Diets and fitness routines seem to be in the top 2 spots every year. DIets – this could be it’s own separate blog post – but really – Diets are temporary – do they work?Some sure do, for a while, but until you make your diet a lifestyle, most end up being just a temporary ‘skinnier’ time in peoples’ lives. The commercials start before Christmas and the store ads become slathered with every kind of fitness equipment (which, in my opinion, is a huge waste of money for most – if you don’t lay on your living room floor and do sit-ups, why on Earth are you going to buy an Ab-Roller or other Ab-machine? If you don’t do it withOUT equipment, chances are you aren’t going to do it WITH!) and clothing imaginable for a solid month. Why? It doesn’t REALLY seem appropriate – especially being in New England…why would someone who does not go to a gym or run or workout regularly, sign up and start going in January? The temperatures are sub-zero, it’s dark out in the morning, the roads are snow-covered, it’s gets dark early in the evening…..all of these are not conducive to a ‘heck, yea, let’s go get ’em’ type of attitude. It’s a set-up, a set-up to fail. Most of us don’t like to fail, and when we do, sometimes this leads to a ‘screw it, I quit, why bother’ mentality which in the end, pushes us yet farther away from our ultimate desire to do good on a diet(lifestyle change, hopefully) and start getting fit.
Make this year different. So what if it’s mid-January? Do this:
1. Set a GOAL.
What do you want? To lose weight, to get toned, to get fit, get healthier? Be nicer? Work less?
2. Define your WHY. Write it down.
WHY do you want to lose weight? WHY do you want to start running? Do you want to run a 5k? Do you want to be able to chase your grandkids or ride bikes with them?
3. Make a PLAN.
HOW are you going to do this? Get a calendar and write it down. Plan your time, schedule your time 6-6:30am walk. 6:30-6:45am get ready for work. 7pm-7:30pm meal prep for tomorrow. You get the picture…if you schedule your time and follow it, you become more efficient, more organized and way more productive. Try it!

4. Implement it. 

Try it for a week, then two, then the month…keep going. Tweak what you need to. Be patient. You’ve got this!


I call this year, my year of commitment. I didn’t make any resolutions. I did make a few commitments. I committed to making ME better, healthier, fitter and just to become a better person.

I have these commitments written down and I have a calendar with my workouts and classes scheduled through April, when I go on vacation and will then fill in my next three months. So far, it’s working great…I look at the calendar, see what I have scheduled and do it. No questions. I committed to it, and I owe it to myself to follow through.
You can too. Do YOU. Start now.

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