Brett Hoebel

Brett Hoebel, Fitness Expert

Brett Hoebel

Known as “El Capitan” and “The Dues Collector,” Brett is a sought-after fitness, strength, and nutrition expert in both New York and Los Angeles, with a background in biomedical science and the Afro-Brazilian martial art known as capoeira. In the fitness industry for over 15 years, Brett has helped shape up some of Hollywood’s finest physiques and traveled the globe presenting his programs. He was the cohost of Fit Family on Discovery’s FitTV, and has appeared on The View,Good Morning America, Fox News, and the WB Morning Show. Brett is also a recurring fitness expert for many top-tier magazinesincluding VogueAllureElleShape and Self, while his signature exercise programs have twice earned “Best of New York” awards from New York Magazine.

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