Shaun T.

Shaun Thompson, Fitness Expert

Shaun Thompson

Shaun T. is a native of New Jersey who trained at Rowan University, where he received his B.S. in Sports Science with a minor in Theater/Dance. Shaun has danced in theater, TV, commercials, and movies, including The Ten CommandmentsPippinApplauseSix Feet Under, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Artists he has worked with include Mariah Carey, Nick and Aaron Carter, Elephant Man, Angie Stone, and Deborah Cox. He has taught at many fitness and dance centers around Los Angeles. For the Beachbody program Kathy Smith’s Project:YOU®, he choreographed eight instructional videos. Inspired by this experience, Shaun created Hip Hop Abs®, a dance-based cardio program specifically designed to tone and define the abs and core. His collaboration with Beachbody has continued with Shaun T’s Dance Party Series®Get Real with Shaun T™Shaun T’s Fit Kids® ClubRockin’ Body®, and his latest project, the extreme new workout INSANITY®. Shaun T. currently lives in New York.

INSANITY 60-Day Conditioning Program
Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the leanest, hardest body you’ve ever had. Includes Fast and Furious bonus DVD.

Insanity—The Asylum
Maximize your skills with this 30-day program that builds speed, coordination, agility, and power. Shaun T preps you to WIN with sports-specific training inspired by pro athletes. The result? You win on Game Day!!

Hip Hop Abs®
Dance your way to hot, sexy abs and burn the fat off your entire body with Shaun T’s fun, exciting dance program! You’ll “Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten” your way to 6-pack abs without doing a single sit-up or crunch.

Rockin Body®
The creator of the best-selling Hip Hop Abs® has created a revolutionary new program to burn the fat off your ENTIRE body! Get a hot new Rockin’ Body with Shaun T’s high-octane dance party. 4 FREE gifts!

Get Real with Shaun T
Shaun T’s brand-new workout is designed for young people of every shape, size, and fitness level. Whether you have a few pounds to lose or just want to look better for that hottie in homeroom, Shaun’s got you covered.

We cut Shaun T loose and these new dance workouts are out of control! Beachbody® dancer/choreographer has gone all-out to create the most intense and innovative dance routines ever released.

Shaun Ts Fit Kids® Club
Shaun T and the Fit Kids are bringing the fun and fitness to help kids of every age achieve a healthy lifestyle! Get down and get fit with Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club workouts for kids ages 7 and up! Includes FREE wall poster!

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