Nutrition Packs

Slimming Pack: ActiVit® Metabolism Formula and Slimming Formula
These unique blends of safe nutrients work naturally to help you accelerate fat burning and boost your energy. If you are serious about losing pounds quickly, combine your favorite fitness program with the Slimming Pack to get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time!

Core Nutrition Pack: Core Omega-3™, Core Cal-Mag™ & ActiVit® Multivitamin
This powerful combination of supplements delivers the most essential nutrients needed to help accelerate weight loss and maintain optimal health. For PDFs on each, click here for ActiVit Metabolism Formula,  click here for Core Cal-Mag and click here for Core Omega-3 regarding ingredients and nutrition.

Results Pack
A powerful combination of our creamy, delicious, low-cal Meal Replacement Shake, ActiVit® Metabolism Formula Multivitamins, Core Cal-Mag™ and Core Omega-3™. Select chocolate or vanilla flavor. 30-day supply. This complete nutritional package delivers sustained energy all day long and the most essential nutrients — all in just the right doses every day.

Renewal Pack: ActiVit® Metabolism, Immune Boost Herbal & Joint Support Super Formulas
Tone your body, repair daily wear on your joints, and restore a balanced sense of wellness. It’s the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more information on each, click here for ActiVit, click here for Immune Boost Herbal Formula and click here for Joint Support Super Formula.

Performance Pack: P90X Peak Health Formula & Performance Formula
Optimize your results with the ultimate multivitamin. P90X Peak Health Formula is the highest-quality, most complete multivitamin we’ve ever offered. Taken daily, each P90X Peak Health Formula packet will ensure your body gets the vital nutrients you need to perform at your best and get the most out of your fitness program.

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