3-Day Refresh Review.

For Christmas I gave my sister the 3 Day Refresh. She has struggled with her weight on and off in years past and I thought this might help her jumpstart her weightloss journey. When I gave it to her, I hoped she wouldn’t be offended, this was just her little sister giving her not ONLY a little push, but the tools to do it with. Plus, I thought, it’s only 3 days…she can do it for 3 days, I can hold her accountable for 3 days, harrass her if I must (Sisterly advantage), and I can use her success story on my page! Her weightloss became MY mission. I know she can do it, and I know I can help her do it. So…she didn’t take offense AND she committed to DO IT! WOOHOOO!!! I asked her to journal her story for the 3 days – here it is:

My sister, who is a Team Beachbody coach, gave me the gift of the 3
Day Cleanse.  Timing was perfect as New Year and new health fitness
goals that I truly want to accomplish!

Three days!  I can do this!! That is what I thought and started on the
3 Day Cleanse journey.  Weighed in, made my measurements and wrote
everything down in a journal.  I think writing in a journal helps keep
myself accountable and on-track.
Day 1 – Okay, here we go.  Was invited to a facebook support group
with other folks doing this program, it is nice to know you are not
alone and that everyone faces hurtles!  Read the pamphlet for the
program through the day to make sure I followed it to a ‘T’.  Shake in
morning and added half a banana, tea later and then the fiber drink
(best drink it quick because if you let any sit it gets the
consistency of drinking pudding-yuk!).  On to lunch, vanilla fresh
(not bad but way better if you blend it with ice like a smoothy and
add a bit of your fruit), veggies and healthy oil (hummus you are a
life saver!).  Luckily that night my son had a basketball game and I
was busy, although proud as I had to cover the concession stand and by
bringing my water and my kale and pine nut salad I stayed away (fresh
popcorn and fresh chocolate chip cookies baking – not tonite!!).  Day
one complete and felt proud I made it!

Day 2 – Not going to weigh in as weight can vary up and down each day
so decided I would way in on morning after Day 3.  Being at work makes
it very easy for me to follow as can only eat what I bring!!  No tea
mid morning and kind of dreading the fiber drink but drank it
immediately and just drank until I was done!  Guess no pain, no gain!
Lunch…a breeze and afternoon snack of red peppers and hummus – yum!
Realize I am a mother of a 16 yr old son and have a husband and they
are hungry so made them barbeque ribs, mashed potatoes and green
beans.  I found I was really struggling with wanting some, esp. mashed
potatoes!!!  My mind was debating…just a 1/2 cup, maybe just a bite!
Comfort food!!!  Timing perfect, my sister called to check in and
see how I was doing!  She got my head in the game again and said you
are more than 1/2 way there!!!  You can do it!!!  Went to group on
facebook and found I was not the only one struggling.  I really had to
overcome the great need I was feeling to chew some food…not drink
it! Day 2 evening was the hardest plus was developing a headache.

Day 3 – Woke up saying ‘thank goodness last day!’  Put on a crockpot
of beef stroganoff for my family and off to work.  Day’s meals all
packed, journal in hand.  Breakfasts on this are a breeze!  Found I
did not care for the GreenBerry but the others are okay.  The Fiber-
just did it, final day drink it down!  Headache is back!!  Guess my
body was cleansing so took something for it and found my stomach in a
battle….ugh!!  Not feeling great I continued drinking water and ate lunch
at like 3:30.  Snack at 5 and dinner at 6:30…  YAY!  MADE IT!!
Day 4 – woke up and got scale out….Oh boy!  Nervous!!  What if I
didn’t loose anything…look in the mirror, I look same as before!!
Oh man!!  Hop on…do not dare to look…okay just look!  DOWN 9.4
LBS!!!  Happy dance!!!  OMG!!  My journey has kick started to losing
the weight I want to this year!  THANKS SIS!!!

Some thoughts:  it is easy to drink the water, just get a container
that has a measurement and set goals for amount to drink during the day!

Mix it up a bit…a lot of offerings under veggies and fruits and oils

Plan ahead! As the day goes on, before you know it, it is time for tea
or a snack or a meal!  Eating and drinking healthy throughout the day

Have support, the temptations are there and we all have weak moments!
Have someone who can get your mind back on track!

-9.4 on my way to a healthy 2015!!

Laurie,  Sue’s big sister…who hopes to be less big in 2015!!!

~~~There it is! My sister’s review. ANYONE can do this for 3 days! What do you have to lose? (other than some weight?!). Contact me for info!

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