Through my eyes – as a thin person.

It’s true, I’m thin. I’m not super-skinny but I’m not overweight. I weigh less now than when I was in high school and I’m also MUCH  healthier than I was back then too.

We are our own worst critic, this is also true. I can look in the mirror and see ripples and ‘chub’ and stuff I need to work on. I don’t talk about it much, because I don’t need to hear the ‘oh shut up, you’re so skinny’ comment. I work HARD on me. I love to sweat, I love to push myself to limits I didn’t think I could hit. It’s self-liberating for me. I get the fact that a LOT (most probably) of my friends and acquaintances don’t get the enjoyment out of it like I do. I get it! This doesn’t make me any better than them either, just different. It’s who I am and if I happen to share about it, it’s just because that is what is going on with ME. I’m not comparing me to you or implying that you should sign up and run a marathon…although, let me tell you, if you do – I will be a supporter of you, a believer and a cheerleader. I will hold you accountable, if you let me. This is the time of year that it seems everyone is dieting – everyone has done it, tried one of those diets – Atkins, Zone, Slimfast, Nutrisystem, cabbage soup, grapefruit…..whatever, there are a zillion of them. I truly believe that diets are temporary. Think about it – if they REALLY WORKED, noone would ever gain any weight back, right?  And some people want to lose weight, but won’t define their WHY? Why do you want to lose weight? Because I’m fat or because I’m heavy. Ok, but WHY? What is going to be better when you lose the weight? New clothes? Trying to get pregnant? You’ll be skinnier than your neighbor or friend? You’ll be more fit, more healthy? Or WILL you? A lot of people don’t think it all the way through. Ok…you’re going to lose 50 pounds and you do it. Now what? Is the ‘diet’ over now that you met your goal? Can you live on cabbage soup for the rest of your life? Do you have energy? Are you healthy? Think about it. Am I an expert, nope? Some say I don’t know diddly because I’ve never been in their shoes, I haven’t HAD to diet. pffft! That’s what I say. And you know WHY I say that?

Just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they are healthy! I’ve been there. I’ve been thin – even though I was about 10 pounds heavier than I am right now for many years – I worked out like crazy, but my nutrition SUCKED. I am a lazy cook. I would eat candy and junk food a lot, copious amounts of sugar-laden stuff! I would just go, go, go and grab anything fast to fill the hole in my stomach.  I’d take some vitamins every night – that is what I considered ‘healthy’. Seriously, I didn’t realize how UN-healthy I really was until I was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. Life-changing indeed. I started focusing on Environmental Factors and there are a LOT! The food we eat, the garbage-food we eat —- it’s scary. Once I found out about and started drinking Shakeology (and threw away my vitamins), I started to focus more on the whole day’s food consumption. I made better choices, cut out sugar and (EEK! Splenda in my coffee! – can you say CHEMICALS??? Wow!), I felt BETTER for sure!  I lost 10 pounds that I didn’t even know I had to lose, but obviously I did. So yea, I was thin – but I was so unhealthy.

Now, going on 2 years later, I feel amazing. I have energy, my guts feel healthy (I know, I say that all the time!) and I feel like I have such a healthy, sustainable lifestyle…I have no doubts that I can continue with it. Do I think everyone should drink Shakeology? I do. The main reason is…I want my friends and family and acquaintances and EVERYONE I come in to contact with to FEEL as GOOD as I do. However, I’m a realist….it’s not for everyone, it’s no magic pill – oh wait, there isn’t one of those anyways! It just happens to be what has shifted and changed my entire nutrition component. Find something that works for you. Start now, don’t wait for an illness or health-scare diagnosis. Eat better. Look at the chemicals you consume. Stop the pills, stop the processed/manufactured ‘fake foods’, stop the soda! Exercise, Get HEALTHY. Don’t just get thin…get FIT and HEALTHY…there is a difference. But with commitment and determination and knowledge (KNOW what you are consuming) I truly believe everyone can get healthier and MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle.

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